The Conquest team consists of fully qualified, licenced Instructors who continually update and develop their own skills through regular training both in the UK and in Japan

We take a structured approach to learning and teaching in our lessons. We indroduce more techniques from the nine schools and start to add defence from common weapons . Its at this stage that our students start their journey on the kyu grade sylabus which is sanctioned by the hombu dojo in Japan.

Every lesson contains Ukemi (breakfalls) these teach you how to fall correctly after being thrown etc. Then we study Kihon (basics) which is usually taught by learning basic kata.

We then take a principle or idea from one of the nine schools and explore the movements around it.

Every lesson starts with a circuit based warm up and some mobilty drill to prepare the body and mind  for the rest of the training session.

Most lessons usually end with some weapons training - sword , staff and knife

The benefits of training with us

  • Professional Tuition

  • Improved Fitness

  • Increased Confidence

  • Relieve Stress

  • Learn Valuable Life Skills

  • Structured, Progressive, Goal Orientated Learning

  • Become part of a vibrant workd wide community

  • Finally………You’ll have FUN!!!!!!

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