Generally this age group are ready for a little bit more - physical abilities are usually more developed, there is greater focus and we employ different teaching methods to engage students and grow their confidence and self assurance.


Developing coordination, flexibility, strength and mobility are a primary focus throughout the lession, along with building determination and resilience.

Our lessons includes bullying awareness and personal safety.

Techniques based on the principles of Jujutsu are slowly practiced. At this age we start to bring in some more advanced pad and ground work.

A typical class consists of a warm up, mobility drills, striking practice on pads and self defence techniques.

"The instructors are friendly encouraging and extremely knowledgeable and there is a good laugh to be had in their relaxed approach to teaching, fantastic place to learn and flourish" Amy Douglas


Martial arts will help to teach children the art of self-discipline. All too often in the modern day children are accustomed to getting what they want and when they want it. Martial arts teaches the restraint and patience required to work and accomplish goals.

Get Active

This programme help kids to get away from their tv screens and sofas by encouraging them to be more physically active at the same time as having fun. Learning martial arts is a full body workout not only for the body, but mind as well.

Setting Goals

Goal setting is a fantastic way to focus and achieve outcomes. Martial arts helps children have a positive aim and to make progress in a fun supportive environment.


Sometimes in the modern day, children find it hard to respect their authoritative figures but martial arts teaches kids to respect their Instructors, themselves and each other.


Listening skills are key in martial arts as without they they will not be able to follow the instrcutor's guidance in order to complete the move correctly. Kids get to practice listening one-to-one as well in groups, and demonstrating these skills allows children to progress and flourish.

Increase self-esteem and confidence

When a child masters a new skill or move it will boost their confidence and give them a real sense of achievement. Working their way up through ranks shows that commitment and hard work pays off and they have something to be confident about.


Often in practice classes will work in pairs or groups to practise new skills and moves. This not only teaches them to respect the other children but to work together to achieve their goals. They soon learn that sometimes two heads are better than one!

Conflict Resolution

A common misconception of martial arts is that they promote violent behaviour but in fact it is quite the opposite. Martial arts teaches children peaceful, non-violent resolution skills and emphasises that physical altercations must be avoided unless they are attacked or physically assaulted.
If these skills are something you feel would be beneficial for your child, please contact us to arrange a chat or simply book your FREE TRIAL and come along to experience what we can offer.
We like all parents to stay and watch the class so you can see the benefits of the training we give to the children at Conquest Martial Arts.


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