Strength and Power Training


Strength and Power Training

Strength refers to the body’s ability to overcome resistance. Power also refers to the body’s ability to overcome resistance, but it also looks at how fast the load is moving. So while lifting weights is a strength-based activity, when you move the weight quickly, it’s more of a power-based activity.

Strength training has increasingly become more popular as an additional method for athletes to improve performance in their sport. Whether it is golfers, triathletes or basketball players, the modern sports science community almost unanimously agrees that all athletes can benefit from some degree of strength training.

Not so long ago, the common wisdom was that athletes just had to focus on putting the hours in, practicing their sports to improve skills and performance. Strength training was often regarded to be more of a hindrance than help to athletes, as lifting weights often cause tightness and muscle soreness, which can impair performance. Nothing is further from the truth


Preparing for sports

Preparing for a sports event takes planning and a careful set of programming called periodisation. Over a set number of weeks your body will need to be trained in strength and power. The strength component comes from lifting heavy compound exercises such as the Squat and deadlift. By carful manipulation of the weights lifted the athlete will become stronger. Power can be increased by training in Olympic lifts and plyometrics

Who would benefit from strength and power training

  • Martial Artists

  • Rugby Players

  • Football PlayersA

  • Athletes from track and field

  • Racket Sports

  • Golfers

  • Anyone looking to increase strength

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Every exercise in a strength programme needs to be relevant and appropriate for the sport which the individual is training to produce the desired outcome. Movements should be prioritised over single muscle training. For example, It is more beneficial for a basketball player to perform squats than bicep curls, as the former has a direct beneficial carryover to the sport.

"David has extensive knowledge of training for specific sports and tailoring routines and exercises for your sport"

How the Programmes work

Due to the complexities of strength and power programmes, we sell these on the basis of a minimum six months’ commitment. We offer training face to face, online or through a hybrid of both.  We are happy to discuss your needs and what will suit you best.

Before you start the Programme we will discuss various needs:

  • Basic strength test based on Bench press, back squat and deadlift

  • Timeframe to your sporting event

  • Mobility test

  • Muscular endurance test based on press ups

  • Core strength

" Dave has shown me other ways like looking at dietary needs and to get power and strength into my squash games. To get my body in better condition for gruelling matches and different eight exercises to stop my training form being mundane, and more varied and exciting."

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