Personal Training 121s


Why Dave?

My bespoke training programmes help you identify and achieve your fitness goals, shape your  physique, and enhance your physical and  mental well being.
I believe that training should be fun and rewarding but also push you outside of your comfort zone a little.

I have been lifting weights for over 40 years and I know a thing or two about what works (and what doesn't!). No gimmicks. Instead, let me use my depth of experience and specialist knowledge from a life time of real world fitness to move you to the next level. 


Everyone is different

Everyone is different, which is why I provide a customised training programme tailored to your individual needs. I will examine all facets of your lifestyle using an evidence-based, holistic approach to help you find the right balance and make long-lasting changes to your health and well-being. You'll get a thorough appraisal and a personalised one-on- one session.

"Dave has helped me to become more fit and healthy, as well as catering my work out to focus on my martial arts training, for example stamina, stability, power and strength. Dave is friendly, full of advice and will put the effort in to help you achieve your goals!"


Working together

  • With a highly personalised workout plan that that you can do in your own home or local gyn

  • A highly tuned workout programme tailored to your fitness goal

  • Motivation and accountability with 24/7 support outside of our sessions

  • Custom goal-focused nutrition support and strategies tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.  Eat the foods you love and get the results you want!

  • Help establishing healthy habits with continued surport surrounding nutrition and exercise.

"David has extensive knowledge of training for specific sports and tailoring routines and exercises for your sport"

Get Fit Now

My premium service is 121 training. It gives us the best way possible  to help you achieve your fitness goal

It does not matter if  you are new to training and need help mastering the foundations or you are a seasoned gym goer who just requires support and motivation this is the option for you. 

Discounted package plans available.

" Dave has shown me other ways like looking at dietary needs and to get power and strength into my squash games. To get my body in better condition for gruelling matches and different eight exercises to stop my training form being mundane, and more varied and exciting."

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Online Coaching

Set up just like a personal training session, our trainers will be able to guide you through personalised workouts, pushing you hard and making sure you capitalise on your sessions.

Whatever equipment you have available to you, we will use all our experience to design and deliver the most effective workout to keep you moving forwards.

A  personalised gym or home workout programme for you to follow independently. You will get a new programme every every few weeks to allow for progressive overload and results.  

We will have weekly catch ups via phone, zoom or whatsApp where we will discuss your training


Pre & Post Natal Fitness

A well-managed pre- and post-natal exercise programme is very beneficial for both mum and baby. Many expectant mothers are now well aware of this and are actively seeking professional guidance from personal trainers to prescribe an exercise programme that will support and enhance their pregnancy experience.


To give birth requires stamina and fitness. With this in mind, our personal trainers guide our mums-to-be through safe and effective exercises in order to prepare them not only for the arrival of the baby but also for the exhausting first weeks after delivery. This will enable quicker recovery after birth and help better cope with sleep deprivation.


This usually begins after your post-natal check-up, 6-8 weeks after birth. We design a programme to get you back to pre-pregnancy fitness or better, while taking into account the lack of energy and deprivation of sleep that comes with a new child.

Contact us to book in your free consultation.

A pregnant woman doing a side stretching exercise while sitting on a fitball inan exercise

Hatton Boxing Padwork 121s

We offer 121 Hatton Boxing pad work sessons . The closest thing you are going to get to real boxing without getting hit

1. Builds a solid base

Boxing requires fighters to be light on their feet while holding impeccable balance. This is an essential skill that will benefit almost every athlete, since being light on your feet means you can quickly react and change directions.

2. Improves use of ground reaction force

The power of the punch does not come from the arms. It comes from the legs. Boxing is the best way for an athlete to learn the relationship between the lower body and upper body, and to understand that the legs and hips do most of the work.

3. Develops incredible core rotation

For the upper body to use ground reaction force, the mid-section must hold solid like a brick wall. Furthermore, the stomach muscles play an essential role in dispersing the force toward the punch. Your stomach isn’t twisting; rather, it’s bracing to ensure that all the  force from your lower body goes into a punch.

4. Improves evasion skills

What’s easier to see, the opposition running at you during a soccer game or a small pad being swung at your ear? Evasion skills require great shoulder movement coupled with lightning-fast reaction time.

5. Promotes faster hands

Power is the multiplication of speed and strength. Lift for strength, do pad work for speed, which adds power to your throws and your swimming stroke and helps you battle opponents on the line in football.

So how do you put this into practice?

To start, you need a set of pads and boxing gloves. Find a partner to work with, and go through various punching combinations, such as jabs, crosses and upper cuts. Have your partner occassionally jab back at you to force you

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