The martial arts aspect of our club is located in Sidcup and has been steadily growing over the past 7 years. We teach traditional Japanese Jujutsu as contained in the Bujinkan Dojo based in Japan.  


Budō Taijutsu (jujutsu) is an effective traditional Japanese martial art and self-defence system, headed by  Hatsumi Masaaki Sōke (lineal head of nine schools, Ryūha ).

Our teacher at this club is Shidoshi David 6th Dan. He has been training in martial arts since he was a child. He holds Dan Grades in Gendai Jujutsu and has been training in Budō Taijutsu (jujutsu) for 16 years under his teacher Shihan David Heslington, based in Sevenoaks, Kent.


David passed his  5th Dan test under the sword of Dai Shihan Peter King in 2015. 



In addition to adults training, we teach children's classes in a fun and rewarding way that builds confidence and character.

Our training philosophy is that everyone, regardless of age or disability, is welcome to train. We believe that every student has something to offer and gain.  David is supported in the class by his senior students.

Who are we?

Children's classes




We are passionate about fitness, combined with good nutrition, and believe that both are keystone habits in life. There are three strands to what we can offer - personal training, martial arts instruction or a combination of the two. We offer professional personal training and nutrition advice at competitive rates. Whether you’re a moderate exerciser or a martial arts athlete preparing for a contest or a new grading, we certainly can help you with your goals and optimise your results. 

Personal training, fitness and nutrition


Mondays in Croydon with UK Senior Instructor Peter King

Tuesdays near Maidstone with Stephen Boddy

Thursdays in Dunton Green with David Heslington

Saturdays in Kemsing with Steve Rodgers

Other clubs in our organisation


These are local classes that are all within easy reach of our dojo. Each dojo may have slightly different prices and insurance options but please reach out to the instructors directly or contact us here for more information.


 Call: 07778 343 251

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